Trips around share taxi split expenses

Anyone want to share a taxi and split expenses?

5 June, 2016

I’m sure this situation rings a bell: You’ve managed to find a true bargain! The cheapest flight available! The only little detail is that you depart at 6:00 AM, so you need to get to the airport at least at 4:00 AM at the latest, which implies checking out of the hotel at around 3:00 AM. And at 3:00 AM there’s no bus or subway service, or maybe the subway is actually going, but to be honest you don’t want to be carrying around your backpack or luggage one bit in the middle of the night… What to do? You gotta call a cab, but that is soooooo expensive! 🙁 What if there was somebody in that exact same situation? Have you thought about the fact that maybe across the street there just might be someone else with the same problem? It would be awesome to split a cab with someone and save yourself a couple of bucks.
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