Hi there!

My name is César and I founded Tripsaround like one year ago although first versions of the App arrived to the stores just like four months ago.

Tripsaround App is aimed at those travelers who have a tight budget and travel alone or in small groups, and the main goal of the app is help them save some money while they travel. In Tripsaround the user will find other travelers with whom he/she will share travel plans and split associated costs to such plans.

We are now looking for partners to boost the project and take it to the next level. The plan is to work on the project for 6-12 months and validate the business model. After that, with metrics and a validated business model the plan is to go for a first round investment to expand the company.

Ideally an investment of around 5-15K EUROS will be needed although it can be discussed depending on the person and the situation.

The work could be done remotely, no problems with that… Actually, getting to become a digital nomad was one of the main reasons why I started this project :).

We are looking for the following profiles:


This person (let’s say “you”) will lead all the community management + digital marketing areas (more or less a CMO) to boost the launch and get to the next level. I am not an expert in those areas and I have been working them myself so far so I guess there is a lot of room for improvement there :).

You should have knowledge about main social networks, marketing online, mailing campaigns, community management, image and video edition, Facebook ads and Google Analytics among others.

You should also be very fluent in Spanish and be a native English speaker or have a bilingual level.


This person (let’s say “you”) will lead the technical part (more or less a CTO). You will be responsible for i) all necessary improvements in both native versions of the app, ii) the backend and iii) server maintenance and interactions with the App, among other things, to boost the platform and get it to the next level. I am not an expert in those areas and all the works which have been done so far have been outsourced.

You should know how to program native IOS and Android, build an attractive backend interface and control all interactions with the server.

Last but not least, should be very fluent in Spanish and English.

How do you feel after reading all this? Do you have some savings and some spare time and want to join me in this adventure? Drop me a line from the contact section and we will organise a meeting to talk and discuss further details.

By the way…

If you don’t have spare time but you DO have some savings and think this may be an interesting investing possibility, let me know anyway. We can find the way to make it happen!

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